Our weekly meeting is at Farnborough Gate Bowling Club on Sunday mornings at 10.30

When you arrive you will be welcomed at the door by one of our meeting members. They will show you to the room where our meeting takes place and offer you an explanatory leaflet. You do not need to be a Quaker to come to our meetings.

We worship seated in a circle and remain silent for the duration of the meeting. There is no altar, nor any religious symbols just a central table on which there are flowers, a Bible, a copy of Quaker Faith and Practice and one or two other books for contemplation which you are welcome to read. You can choose to sit anywhere in the circle of chairs.

The meeting lasts one hour and during this time, spontaneous ministry (a personal response arising from spiritual reflection) may be offered by anyone present. It is customary to stand when ministering and to leave a space before and after ministry to allow for reflection. Some of our members who cannot attend, join us on Zoom.

Our meeting ends at 11.30 when the Elder (a person who oversees the spiritual wellbeing of the meeting), Pastoral Friend or Clerk will shake the hands of the people sitting next to them. In the aftermath of Covid, it is a personal choice whether you wish to join in the handshaking. An opportunity will be given to share any thoughts which have arisen during the meeting but weren’t offered as ministry. We will share news of absent Friends and the Clerk will give notices. Afterwards you are invited to share tea or coffee and biscuits with us and chat or ask questions should you wish to do so.